[:en]Life can be easier through prayer[:]

Без рубрики 25.01.2013


What a blessing it is to have Jesus as our example. Not only is Jesus our Lord and Saviour, but He knows what it is like to be human. He spent time here on earth as a human just like us. Sometimes it’s tempting to think that He must have had it easier because of His divinity. I actually believe He did have it easier, but not because of His divinity. I believe He had it easier because of His devoted prayer life. He suffered in every way that we do, but He knew that His strength only came from that close connection with His Father through devoted prayer time.

Not only did the prayer life of Jesus give Him the internal strength that He needed, but it also manifested itself outwardly in Jesus’ life. The disciples must have already been well acquainted with the regularities of traditional prayer, yet they saw the power of prayer manifested in Jesus. They just had to ask, “Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1). They wanted access to the same heavenly source of strength and comfort that Jesus had.

As we take these days to refocus on the importance of prayer, let us look to Jesus as our example. If prayer seems like a chore or ritual, let Jesus remind us that life can be easier through prayer. Let Him remind us of the heavenly blessings that a close connection will bring us through our time spent with Him. Heavenly blessings for life on this earth and blessings throughout eternity.

ESD Treasurer
Brent Burdick